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How To Have a Quiet Time - Part 2

Note: Beginning this week, and for the remainder of the pandemic, I’ll have a Pastor’s Article on both Tuesdays & Thursdays.

This is a two-part series on having a daily “quiet time” with God. A quiet time usually includes hearing from God (through Bible reading) and speaking to God (through prayer).

In this article, I address the 2nd part – speaking to God through prayer. Bear in mind once again that these are only suggestions.

Suggestions for Prayer During Quiet Time

§  Just as the case with Bible reading, we need to start with the proper conviction. As it pertains to prayer, the fundamental conviction is that God hears us and, because of our being in Christ, is favorably inclined toward us. The latter means that, for those in Christ, God regards us as his beloved children.

§  After my Bible reading, I always begin with the start of the Lord’s Prayer (only personalized): “My Father who art in heaven, hallowed by Your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

§  I’ll then enter into a time of thanksgiving, moving from the physical & temporal (food, shelter, etc.) to the spiritual & eternal (his Word, salvation, etc.).

§  This is usually followed by a time of confession, during which I will acknowledge & ask to be cleansed of my sins from the previous day.

§  For the rest of my prayer time, I pray in concentric circles – in this order:

        1)      My schedule for that day (i.e., the people I’ll meet & the things I’ll do)

        2)      My wife, children and other relatives

        3)      The people of FBC (my other family!)

        4)      Harlan, the nation & the world (the thing I pray for most is spiritual revival)

§  Recently, I’ve added a final component of praying for a specific unreached people group of the world. For this, I’m using an app called “Unreached of the World.”

Praying concentrically in this manner usually takes about 30 minutes. I try not to be rigid about the structure, but I’ve found it helpful to have a structure.

For almost 40 years, having a daily quiet time has been my anchor. Yes, I’ve had days (even weeks) of spiritual dryness, but I keep at it, and I know from experience that the dryness won’t last forever.

I’ve also had seasons where I practically run to my quiet time; meaning, I can hardly wait to spend time with God. I’m finding this to be true during our current crisis.

Pastor Dan