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Unplanned, Part 2

Last week, I wrote about opposition to the movie Unplanned. What follows is my own review of the movie, which I saw yesterday in Council Bluffs.


As a quick reminder, Unplanned tells the true story of Abby Johnson, who was the youngest director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in the history of that organization.

Abby was a fierce advocate for “reproductive rights” until she actually witnessed an abortion. She was horrified as she watched the baby fighting for its life before being sucked out of its mother’s womb.


§  The movie is emotionally powerful. People in the theatre were sobbing (including me). At the conclusion, everyone sat in stunned silence until the credits were complete.

§  It’s ridiculous that the movie is rated “R.” The typical PG-13 rated movie is far more graphic.

§  Planned Parenthood is an evil organization. They market themselves as a women’s health organization, but that’s just a cover. The movie showed how women are pressured into going through with an abortion and how their health may be compromised. For example, Abby’s boss refused to call for an ambulance when a young woman wouldn’t stop bleeding. The boss said it would “look bad for Planned Parenthood.” She also ordered Abby to lie to the young women’s father.

§  At least while Abby was director, each clinic has an abortion quota (X number of abortions per month). It was explained to Abby that this is how Planned Parenthood remains in business; its other services aren’t as profitable as abortions.

§  The movie was realistic about the difficult circumstances women find themselves in and why they might consider an abortion. Many are under pressure from boyfriends or parents.

§  The movie showed both the good and bad sides of the pro-life movement. Most of the clinic protesters were loving & respectful; a few were hateful & deranged.

§  I thought Abby’s parents, who were Baptists, demonstrated how to deal with a wayward child. They clearly stated their opposition to Abby’s career choice, but continued to love her. And when Abby finally admitted her mistake, they didn’t gloat or say “I told you so.”


One Big Miss

I thought the movie missed a big opportunity near the end.

After finally witnessing an abortion, Abby tearfully admitted to her husband that she was complicit in thousands of murders (if I recall, the number was 22,000). When her husband assured her that God would forgive her, Abby asked, “But, how can He do that? How can He just forgive me?”

The husband replied, “He just can because He’s God.”

God doesn’t just forgive us because He’s God. He is willing & able to forgive us because He provided His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sin. Through Christ, the penalty is paid in full and God’s wrath is satisfied.

Bottom line: I highly recommend you see Unplanned.

Pastor Dan