Connection Groups

Small Groups, Sunday School Classes, etc.

Connection Groups are groups of all ages and types that meet in a smaller size setting than the usual Sunday morning worship services.  Sunday school classes are Connection Groups; Bible studies are Connection Groups. They are designed to help us get to know each other better as members and regular attenders at FBC Harlan. Click here for a list of Current Connection Groups and Contact information.

Sunday School

There are a number of choices for Sunday School classes on Sunday morning that meet during one service time or the other, 9L00 am and 10:30.

Adult 1/Seekers/KYB Class

The group is led by John Gilliland.  In 2016 the class  continued the study of Dr David Jeremiah material.  Time was spent studying about The End Times - T he Book of Revelation and Daniel.  One week would show the a video then study of the material and questions would fllow the next week.  Another topic covered was "Dreams to Destiny" by Robert Morris.  2017 topics include _________.

Upper Room

The group is led by Marjorie Plagman and Dave Outhouse.  The Upper Room meets every Sunday morning at 10:30 in the library.  Studies over the last yeaer include Fruits of the Spirit, an intensive study of the book of Acts, and the book of Joshua.


B.A.S.I.C is an acronym for Brothers And Sisters In Christ.  The class is taught by Jim Nelson and Jerry Barker on a rotaing basis.This group started in 2012 and is working their way through the Bible, staring in Genesis.

Middle and High School (6-12 Grade)

Jr/Sr High Sunday School meet at 9:00 on Sunday morning during the Traditional Service. They are led by Jim and Janet Swenson.  They meeting on the lower level of the church in the Jr/Sr High meeting room.

Jr JAM and JAM (PreK-5th Grade)

Jr JAM (Jesus and Me) and JAM meet during the Contemporary or 10:30 service most Sundays.  They are dismissed just before the sermon starts in the Fellowship and finish at the same time as the Contemporary Service. They meeting on the lower level of the church in the Jr/Sr High meeting room.

Other Connection Groups

Connection groups are those that meet for Bible Study, usually in someone's home.  They meet at different times and days of the week. Click here for a list of Groups, when they meet and leader's contact information.