First Bpatist Church

Safety Team

FIrst Baptist Church has instituted a Safety Team for events being held at First Baptist Church harlan

The Diaconate is pleased to announce the formation of a team dedicated to ensuring a safe environment on Sunday mornings & Wednesday evenings. The members of this team will also provide direction & guidance in the event of an emergency.

An “emergency” includes, but is not limited to, the following:

§  Severe weather, such as a tornado

§  A disaster event, such as a fire or terrorist attack

§  A medical incident, such as a heart attack or injury

§  A human threat, such as an intruder

In each case, the safety team member “on duty” will direct our response to the situation with the goal of keeping everyone safe. For example, in the event of severe weather, the team member will direct us when to move downstairs with special attention given to our children & seniors.

While on duty, safety team members will wear a red polo shirt, with the word “security” above the left pocket area.

The safety team will be led by Brent Soll (a church member & police officer), who will conduct regular training of team members. Eventually, all team members will be certified in first aid.

If questions, contact Brent Soll through the church office.