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Book Review: Identity

The second book being read by the young men participating in the Radical Mentoring program is Identity by Eric Geiger.

The premise of the book is that many Christians are stuck in spiritual adolescence (i.e., spiritual immaturity) because their identity isn’t rooted in Christ and they don’t know who they are in Him.

Many find their identity in their career. Others find their identity in relationships. Still others find their identity in their possessions or hobbies. However, Geiger writes, “when we seek our identity in places other than Christ, we find ourselves empty.”

God invites us to find ourselves in Him.

Who God Says We Are

So, who are we in Christ? In other words, who does God say we are? This is what the book unpacks for us.

First, we are God’s child. As our perfect Father, God’s love for us is personal, intentional, unconditional, generous and purifying.

Second, we are God’s priest. As his priest, we have the privilege of entering the most sacred place, namely, the Holy of Holies. Thus, we have access to God anytime we want.

Third, we are God’s bride. Jesus chose the highest expression of commitment between two people to express his commitment to us.

Fourth, we are God’s servant. Serving God isn’t a have-to, but a get-to. It is the natural response to having been served so immeasurably by Christ.

Fifth, we are God’s friend. As God’s friend, we’re in his inner circle and he shares his thoughts with us. Geiger says we should view our spiritual journey as a journey with God, not toward him.

Sixth, we are an alien. This is who we are in relation to the world around us. We don’t really belong here. We follow a different leader, a different law, and speak a different language.

Seventh, we are God’s ambassador. An ambassador is a high-ranking dignitary, who represents his king and country in a different culture for a specific period of time.


Here’s the reality: We live out who we believe we are. The issue then is whether we will live out who GOD says we are, or some other identity.

Pastor Dan